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  1. Nutella Stuffed Brown Butter Cookies

    So while home bored on a Friday night (I have a social like, I promise…) I decided to whip out the cookie sheets for a night of baking. I had a craving for some chocolate and came across Ambitious Kitchen’s recipe for Nutella Stuffed Brown Butter Sea Salt cookies. As I searched the kitchen for the ingredients to make these delicious looking balls of joy I discovered my household had a severe lack of chocolate chips. So, I decided to just follow the recipe anyway, nix the chips, and see what happened.

    So, if you ever find yourself chocolate chip-less with a craving for something nutella stuffed… here is the recipe for you.

    You’ll need:

    • 2 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
    • 1 1/4 teaspoons baking soda
    • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
    • 2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter
    • 1 1/4 cup packed dark brown sugar
    • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
    • 1 large egg plus 1 egg yolk
    • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    • 1 tablespoon plain greek yogurt
    • 1 jar of Nutella, chilled in refrigerator
    • Coarse sea salt for sprinkling

    I first whisked together the flour, baking soda and salt in a medium sized bowl.

    Next, I tried my hand at “browning butter.” This is an interesting technique that Ambitious Kitchen uses to get a nutty flavor in the butter. So, I heated up a medium sauce pan and browned one stick of butter at a time.

    and then I whisked like crazy until the butter was completely melted and foamed into tiny bubbles.

    And then eventually the butter turned an almond brown color. I then transferred it to a separate bowl to cool for a few minutes.

    Next, I mixed the butter and sugars in a bowl with an electric mixer. Then added the vanilla, egg, egg yolk, and “yogurt” (I used sour cream!).

    It looked kind of dry ar first and I realized I only added the egg yolk and didn’t add the extra egg so be wary of that!

    Then I took small balls of dough and flattened them in my hand. I then used a knife to add a small dab of nutella in the center of the flattened dough. Then, very skillfully, I rolled up the dough into balls and placed them on the cookie sheets.

    The dough balls ended up pretty big so I placed them pretty far apart. I didn’t fit many on a sheet. 

    And wa-lah! After baking for 350 degrees for 10 minutes I had these yummy treats. I sprinkled some sea salt on top too and they were extra delicious! Despite the absence of chocolate chips, these cookies were pretty awesome! The part of cookies without the nutella were actually surprisingly flavorful! But, the cookies only tasted good while warm.

    I hope you enjoyed the recipe and step-by-step pics!

    Until next time, 


  2. My Festival Travel Essentials // Big Guava Music Fest

    Hi guys!! I’m heading to the Big Guava Music Festival in Tampa tomorrow and i’m SUPER PUMPED. I decided to compile a list of the special items that i’m taking and show you all incase you’re planning to go to a festival yourself this summer! It seems like almost every state has something awesome going on this summer, and there is also Warped Tour! The items that i’ve included are all things that i’m taking with me this weekend and have decided on after a couple months of planning and research, and with a little warped tour experience. Let me know what you think!

    1. Mudd Peyton Backpack: I was on the hunt for a good backpack to carry my camera and all the essentials while still being trendy, and I decided on this one from Kohls. It was on sale, it’s a neutral color and it will keep my hands free for dancing and jamming out!

    2. Daisy Chain Goddess Headpiece: I picked up this adorable accessory while shopping at Charlotte Russe. My special twist to wearing it though is I wear it underneath my hair for a more subtle look (and because I can’t rock a middle part!)

    3. Fanny Pack: I’m a huge fanny pack supporter and i’m happy to see they’re coming back in style for festival season! I love these things because they keep you hands free and hold a lot of stuff in case you don’t feel like wearing a bag or backpack!

    4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8: A ton of people had these at Playlist Live and I thought they were so cute! I love the idea of tangible pictures, because they will last for years to come and can’t be deleted!

    5. iPhone 5: For vlogging, instagramming, tweeting and snapchatting.

    6. Portable Charger: It is nearly impossible to keep your phone charged during a full day outside at a festival. This little handy device will help you out in a pinch!

    7. Purell Hand Sanitizer: Because you never know what kind of weird germs or sticky substances you will run into.

    8. NYX Matte Lipstick in Natural: I adore this shade and it goes with everything! It is easy to apply and looks fab all day.

    9. Rokinon Camera Case: It is small and lightweight so I can protect my DSLR without having to feel bogged down by it all day.

    10. Poncho: Because you never know when it will rain in Florida…

    11. Flower Child Hair Clip: These little daisy clips are adorable and perfect for a festival setting. I wear mine at the end of my braid!

    12. Credit Card Wallet: I bought this little guy from Target so I could keep all my cards and money in the same place and fit them smoothly in my fanny pack! I will probably start using this all the time! I love it!

    13 & 14. Sunglasses: I don’t have the link for the rounded sunglasses as F21 must’ve gone out of stock but no fear! I do have a link for the adorable glasses that are number 13. You can’t see the details but they are matte and have daisies on the sides! cute cute cute. I am bringing 2 pairs because I always seem to misplace my sunglasses D:

    And last but not least, I forgot to photograph my HAT! I left it in the car and it was one of the most important items on my list!

    This is the hat I got from Target and I am in LOVE to say the least! It automatically makes you look 500x more cool when you wear it and it will spruce up any outfit. Not to mention it helps keep you protected from that hot summer sun!

    Thanks for reading my blog!! If you’d like to get a better list of everything here you can check out my Luvocracy page here: Festival Essentials

    Stay tuned for a blog on my Big Guava adventures… I’m getting a photo pass so who knows what kind of cool stuff I will bring back to share!


  3. The Coop (Restaurant Review)


    The Coop
    Winter Park, FL

    Today I got to visit the newly opened restaurant, The Coop located in Winter Park, Florida. If you don’t live in Central Florida you’ve probably never heard of this restaurant before or of the man behind its creation, John Rivers. Rivers is quite the celebrity in Orlando as he is also the creator of the oh-so popular barbeque chain 4 Rivers. (and when I say popular, I mean a constant line outside the door popular!). After 6 successful openings, Rivers decided to expand his restaurant endeavours with a new idea, The Coop. With there being so much hype and love around the 4 Rivers restaurants, I decided I just HAD to give The Coop a try.

    The Coop is a down home ol’ southern style cooking joint, with the catchphrase being “A Southern Affair.” The minute you walk in you are greeted with a laid back atmosphere of mismatched tables and chairs as well as a lovely bar of old fashioned soda’s. The decor was actually one of my favorite parts of my experience as I pictured Rivers and his team craigslist searching and yard sale shopping to find so many mismatched pieces.


    Its signature items include fried chicken, chicken and waffles, low country shrimp and grits as well as smothered pork chops. Where I personally think the restaurant shines is in its “Fixins” or side items. They have a vast array of 18 traditional southern dishes such as skillet cornbread, candied yams, bread pudding and okra. Once you make it through the line, you place your order and your plate is put together in assembly line fashion (similar to 4 Rivers). I, being a plain jane opted for the simple giant tenders with cornbread, fries and some lovely Cheerwine.

    Yum. (and yes, I accidentally grabbed a spoon instead of a fork.)

    So… did The Coop live up to the hype? I think yes and no. The Coop had an awesome aesthetic and atmosphere and has a great variety in their menu (and their branding is spot ON!) however, the meal I ate wasn’t anything extra special. I partially blame this on my options as I didn’t take the risk and go for any of the more signature dishes (man was I eyeing those Chicken and Waffles though) but I also partially chalked it up to the assembly line approach. Because it was so busy, by the time my tray reached the cash register most of my meal had gotten pretty lukewarm. But overall, none of that really ruined my experience as I really enjoyed the moist cornbread, and rather un-greasy giant tenders. I even joined their Coop Troupe loyalty program as well as took a magnet home to place on my car! I will most likely be visiting again even though it is a bit of a trek aways as I love the direction of John Rivers and appreciate his vision. It was a good time. And now, I will leave you with some pictures… enjoy!





  4. Twenty One Pilots


    Twenty One Pilots // Vessel

    A little over a year ago I was standing outside The Social (a local downtown venue) after a Rocket Summer show. We were standing around waiting to talk to Bryce when a guy came up that stole away his attention. He mentioned that he was from a band called Twenty One Pilots who were playing the (much bigger) venue next door that night. The guy then continued telling Bryce that he was a huge fan and had wished he could have seen the show because he heard that Bryce puts on great live shows. Up until this point I had never heard of this band before, but the conversation struck me as The Rocket Summer has quite a niche fanbase so this bands interest in him struck me as interesting.

    Little did I know that that soon would be creeping their way in my heart to the top of my favorite bands list. They’re sitting there right underneath The Rocket Summer, and if you know me you know that’s a HUGE DEAL! So I thought i’d let you know my thoughts on this band and why they’ve captured my heart, and ears lately.

    Twenty One Pilots has one of the most unique and diverse sounds i’ve ever heard out of any band. They explore multiple genres and will even completely switch genres of music within the same song! It’s insane. One minute they’ll singing a with a happy upbeat poppy vibe and then break out into a hardcore angry toned rap. But magically, it works. It works so well and it’s part of their charm. Not only do they have killer musicality but the lyrics of their songs are breathtaking. Many of the songs delve deep into the psyche of Tyler the main brain behind the band. Throughout the album “Vessel” you hear common themes such as his battle with the night time and his battle with struggles inside his mind. I would strongly reccomend this album to anyone who has dealt with, or is currently struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts as the lyrics of the songs not only explain the emotions of someone struggling with these issues but also has a “hopeful undertone” (to quote one of the songs) which is incredible.

    The other day I was trying to introduce my friends to this band and I was trying to think of the best song for them to listen to, to get a feel of their music. And driving home today listening to the album I realized it was literally impossible. Every song is so unique and different, you can hear one song and think you understand their music direction and the next song could do something completely unexpected. Regardless, I’m going to try to suggest 3 songs that I think you should listen to, to get a start on this incredible duo that is Twenty One Pilots.

    Try These:
    1. Ode to Sleep
    2. Holding on to You
    3. Screen

    And that is it for now lovelies! Go check them out, I promise you won’t regret it! After Big Guava Festival i’ll report back how they are live (;



  5. Playlist Live 2014


    Two weekends ago, I attended the Youtube convention Playlist Live in Orlando where I live. As a first timer, I had NO idea what to expect and I don’t think there was anything that could have prepared me for the craziness that was the weekend. While it was chaotic, crowded, and sometimes a mess… it was still a BLAST. I got to meet lots of cool youtubers and I made lots of even cooler friends. I decided to give you all an overview of my weekend and some pointers in case you decide to attend next year! I’m going to break it down by the days, so here we go!

    Prior to the event:

    Since I live so close to the venue, I got the awesome opportunity to go visit the hotel a few days early (on wednesday) and help “volunteer.” When I say I volunteered, I mean I helped stuff good bags for a few hours and then peaced out because hanging out in the lobby waiting for Youtubers to arrive was much more fun. The days leading up to the event are actually some of the best times to meet your favorites because the hotel is less crowded and the youtubers have a lot more free time to just hang around. My friend Ricky and I ended up making some friends and hanging out in the hotel lobby till about 1 am waiting for Tyler Oakley to arrive. While I unfortunately didn’t get a picture with him, I did get to meet the beautiful Zoella, her brother Joe, and Alfie. There were lots of youtubers just hanging out talking with fans all afternoon! Most of the ones who were there at that time were the British ones. I definitely suggest getting to the hotel as early as possible because the atmosphere is so much more relaxed. Overall though, the best part was being able to make friends that I could hang out with all weekend.


    Friday is the designated “business day” where people who are interested in actually running channels can pay for an extra day and get into the convention center a day early to listen in on panels about things like ad monetization, how to build an audience, collaborations and more. I bought the business day pass because while yes, i’m slightly interested in those things I was also told that it is the best day to meet and hang out with youtubers. While the hotel is more calm than saturday and sunday it is still quite crazy and only a few youtubers actually head into the convention center this day as the panels only consist of a handful of the major youtubers and people involved in the youtube business. I honestly suggest you only pay for the business day past if you are genuinely interested in creating and growing a youtube channel. If you’re there to just meet your favorites, I’d go to the hotel Friday and just hang out.
    One awesome thing that did come out of business day for me what I made some connections with a company I know from school and they asked me to help the work the VIP Party…. let me tell you, these parties are WHERE ITS AT. They have parties every night and when I went friday night the place was live with awesome music, dancing, and every youtuber you could possibly imagine. Also, this happened there:


    (Just as a side note, from what I saw this weekend, Troye Sivan is a STELLAR human being. He is so sweet, genuine and kind. He lights up a room with that smile! You can tell he’s still super humble and it was just great to see, as some youtubers weren’t as down to earth as him. But we will talk about that later!)

    Saturday & Sunday:

    These two days went by so incredibly fast they just kind of all blur together. I arrived at the Caribe Royale at 10am every morning and left around 2:30am every night and it was intense (I definitely recommend staying at the hotel if possible). There was an overall count of 8,000 people at Playlist and the hotel could barely hold everyone! The meet and greets filled up incredibly fast and were pretty useless to attend seeing as they took up hours of your time and you had the opportunity to meet a lot of youtubers outside of the back of the hotel. Because of the fact that many of the meet and greet lines got cut off a lot of youtubers made a point to come outside and meet fans, which was really nice. 

    I ended up hanging out the rest of the weekend with some really awesome people I met on Friday night before the party. It was awesome how easy it was to make friends and how easily we all clicked! We had some crazy adventures because we got bored of panels after awhile and decided to walk around the hotel. As it turned into night time the group decided that they really wanted to make it into the party that night so they set off for supplies to make fake VIP bracelets. It was hilarious, we sat in the room diligently working on duct tape bracelets trying to get them to look close enough the real thing. I have to admit to ya, I was a skeptic as I already knew the atmosphere of the party inside and how easy it could be to get caught. But after a few failed attempts about 5/13 of us managed to get in! (Sadly I was not included as my attempt failed miserably) However, the entire experience bonded us together as a group and thats when we decided to nickname our group the totally rad Dream Team Thirteen. I’m serious guys, Playlist is such a cool place to make friends if you are even just the slightest bit open to the idea!

    Here’s a small portion of the crew:



    I know this blog was a bit lengthy! But to conclude i’m going to give you a rundown of the best and worst parts of Playlist:


    1. How easy it is to make new friends and bond with complete strangers
    2. The mainstage shows and music performances. (thecomputernerd01 & SDK’s performance rocked my socks off)
    3. The overall hangout vibe and high energy that everyone had,
    4. The Youtubers (like Maz) who went out of there way to meet their fans
    5. It was moderately easy to see and get pictures with youtubers, however…

    The not-so-great parts:

    1. While it was really easy to see your favorite youtubers, if you wanted to get a picture you had to fight through tons of fangirls. There was little time for conversation.
    2. Not every youtuber was there to meet their fans, and not all were the nicest when approached by people for pictures.
    3. The massive amount of FANGIRLS and crowds. (A surprising amount of girls were actually really cool though)
    4. The severe lack of healthy food options. 
    5. The lack of intimacy (but I mean, how intimate can you get with 8,000+ people)

    Overall, Playlist Live was an amazing weekend and i’d recommend anyone even remotely interested in Youtube attend. It was a one of a kind experience and something I will never forget. I’m STILL in a group chat with the friends I met there and we’re counting down the days till next year. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I’ll leave you with a cheesy collage…..




  6. More from my photoshoot the other day. I love how they came out!


  7. Ipsy February Glam Bag!


    Pink, pink, and more pink! 
    This valentines themed bag is loaded with sweet goodies all in different shades of pink (well, for the most part!) After last months flop of a bag that I didn’t even bother posting about, it’s nice to get some bloggable fun material!


    The first item I pulled out was the Zoya Nails Polish in “Dot.” ($9) I received a full size version and have gotten this shade before but in a pretty gross color.. so it was nice to finally try it out! The color was very sheer and needed 2 coats but applied very nicely, dried pretty fast and had a pretty shiny finish.


    Next up was the City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon ($3). This is some BRIGHT pink blush! It’s very pigmented and applies pretty nicely. I’m not very good with blush as my cheeks have a lot of red in them naturally. I was worried about this being too pink but once you blend it in a little it actually is a really pretty spring/summer color.


    The next item is pretty funky, it is the Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base In One in Ambrosia ($18). The picture above shows how it is applies and what it looks like rubbed in.I was happy to get this color since it was the best option of the 3 shades sent out to ipsters but I was confused at first at what the heck it was! Apparently it is a tint & base and serves as a primer for eyeshadow. I also kind of like it alone with a heavier coat in the crease and a little highlight shade on the lid. Overall it is a pretty neat product and will continue to use it! I’m also super pumped that it’s such an expensive product and we received a full sized sample (score!)


    This is the POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini in Fuchsia Freesia (Full Size is ($16). This is a GREAT gloss and I HATE glosses. I adore the color as it is actually a bit darker in person. However, the it is supposed to “plump” your lips and as you can see in the picture… there is no plumping goin’ on! (to my dismay :/ curse having small lips!) The only time I see a bit of plumping is when I layer it on really thick.

    Lastly, with no picture, is the IPKN NY Moist & Firm BB Cream in Light (Full Size $35) This product was a Huge disappointment. Not only was the shade way too dark, it also didn’t apply nice at all. It wasn’t moisturizing and was very thick. Not to mention my tube was virtually empty when I received it. If you look closely in the picture of my lips you can see some remnants of my failed attempt at this product.

    Lastly, I used all the products (minus the BB Cream) to make up my friend Hollee. This is the final look!


    Hope you enjoyed the post!



  8. New Dove Advanced Care Deodorant


    Now, i’m not any particular deodorant “fanatic”… yes I use it like everyone else but I don’t particularly care what brand it is or what smell it is. Since I started wearing deodorant as a young girl I used the SAME brand and SAME scent with only very few short-lived exceptions. I always used the Secret Powder Fresh stick. So when I received the new Dove Advanced Care deodorant in the mail I was excited to try something new. Plus it came in super cute packaging! Stick and box.

    At first sniff, I really enjoyed the smell. It was subtle and nothing too extravagant, which I think is perfect for deodorants. (I received the plain “nourished beauty” scent. It says it lasts 48 hours (which i’m not sure if you’d want to do) but that is great if for some reason you happen to forget one day. This deodorant main feature is it’s “nutrium moisture” 
    What I can confirm is that it is REALLY soft and moisturizing! My mom told me she switched to this product recently because she felt like her previous deodorant was itching her. What I know though is it definitely slides on a lot smoother than Secret.

    Deodorant aside Dove is an AMAZING brand that stands for women empowerment and do a lot of cool experiments that they post to their youtube channel. Their most recent one is below. It is TOTALLY worth the watch! LOVE it.

    How cool!?

    Dove is also really personable with their customers. I commented on their page about the product and look at the cute message they sent me back:


    So I overall have had a really positive experience with both Dove and Influenster. I received this product complimentary from influenster which is a really cool website which you can find a link to in my “about” section. 

    I’ll be posting a lot more soon! Love y’all!!


  9. Medifast Monday

    Today was Day One on my medifast journey and … boy was it a day.
    It started out pretty easy. I made the Medifast Pancakes for breakfast and ate a bar later on before heading out shopping. After shopping I had a ready-made shake. The food isn’t bad at all but it all does seem to have the same aftertaste to it.

    I got crafty with dinner however and decided to try to disguise my vegetables with Cauliflower Pizza Crust with BBQ Chicken on top.

    It certainly looks pretty appetizing and wasn’t all that bad! I couldn’t taste the cauliflower at all. But, I am a texture freak and the crust wasn’t very crispy and it bothered me. But MAN does this meal fill you up. I didn’t feel hungry really all day. In fact, after dinner I felt so full I didn’t even feel like I needed the meals I had left to eat that day. Especially with all the water you have to drink… you never go hungry.

    But I managed to squeeze in the medifast brownie!

    It was pretty yummy! It still had the same aftertaste goin’ on but it satisfied my sweet craving.

    I’m going to make this a regular posting on mondays now and keep you all updated on my weightloss adventures. 

    Wish me luck! 


  10. Geocaching Adventure!

    So today a couple friends and I went Geocaching! If you don’t know what geocaching is you can find more information here. But it is basically a worldwide scavenger hunt where people hide containers in random areas around a city and post the GPS coordinates online. They usually come with fun back stories, clues, and shareable trinkets! What I love about geocaching is that it gets you out into nature (most of the time) and gets you to really appreciate your surroundings. You also get to explore new parts of your city you never learned about. It is a blast.


    Today we took on 2 cache’s, one being a large scavenger hunt locating 5 clues and decoding the clues for the final GPS Coordinate. I didn’t take a photo of the clues but here is a still from my video shots:


    So after wandering around the park finding clues off of plaques and signs and bricks WE FINALLY FOUND THE CACHE! Success!


    I was very happy about this since the past few have been duds for me.


    Inside we found lots of trinkets. I took a little white face and left a miniature dog figurine.


    Then we went onto our last cache attempt of the day. It was a much easier find! We plopped down in the leaves and opened up this bad boy:


    Inside was TONS OF SUPER COOL GOODIES! There where fancy survival themed bracelets and keychains. As well as a collectable reindeer geocaching coin. I opted for the keychain however.



    and that was our adventure! I’m going to post a youtube video on it eventually as well! If you’ve never gone geocaching before I highly suggest it. It’s a blast and you can use your iphone for relatively accurate coordinate searching! 

    Happy Caching!